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Send your photos


Send your photos

In the section Your photos, we propose you to show your photos of Greece. If you have nice photos, dont't hesitate to send us them by email.

Caution: The photos must be yours, and by sending them to us, you certify that they are yours. Our responsibility or the responsibility of our provider can't be engaged if they are not.
They must be photos from Greece (in color or in black and white). They must be about 80 Ko maxi each, in Jpeg (jpg) format (no gif please), of good quality (not out of focus) and not too small (see our photos). Don't forget to indicate in which place each photo was taken. The final choice is ours.
Tell us which copyright you want us to indicate (your email, your name, or nothing).
By sending us photos, you authorize us to use them on our site "WebGrece" (http://webgrece.free.fr) one month at least. After one month, you can ask us by email to delete them from our site, without any justification and at any moment. As long as you don't ask us to delete your photos from our website, you're considered authorize us to use them on our site.
If you see on our site photos that are yours and you didn't authorize us to show, email us and we will delete them immediately (as much as we can: we can be on holiday). By sending us such an email, you certify that the photos you ask us to delete are yours.

Send your photos